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When we talk about music it is always the interface that matters, the headphones, the speakers and the delivery of the clarity, the mids and yes the bass. Who doesn’t love good bass earphones that bring the music to life?

So this list is the Holy Grail for best bass earphones having options from different brands and spread over a very diverse price range. You need not go anywhere else for getting the knowledge about your next purchase. We have sorted it all out here by including their playtime, purpose, price as well as have provided a bit of unbiased review from our side.

RHA T10i Fidelity, Noise Isolating In-ear Headphone

  • T10i: High fidelity, noise isolating in-ear headphone with remote and microphone 
  • The stainless steel T10i features a handmade dynamic driver (model 770.1) engineered to reproduce all genres of music with high levels of accuracy and detail. 
  • A unique tuning filter system allows for frequency response customization and patent pending moldable over-ear hooks ensure a comfortable, noise isolating fit. 
  • Handmade, high fidelity dynamic driver (770.1) model engineered to accurately reproduce all genres of music with high levels of clarity, detail and imaging.
  •  Noise isolating design. Metal injection molded, stainless steel construction. Interchangeable tuning filters with holder.3-button remote and microphone for use with compatible Apple devices. 
  • Selection of dual density silicone, double flange silicone and memory foam ear tips. Multicore, reinforced, oxygen-free copper cable with gold plated connection. Patent pending, moldable over-ear hooks. 
  • Premium carry case and stainless steel ear tip holder. Perfect fit: The T10i features unique, patent pending over-ear hooks designed to hold the headphones in position with the cable running over and behind the ear.
  • It retails for within 20000 INR and is the best in this list.

Sony XB50BS Extra Bass

  • They are made for sports the fit is very stable and comfortable even during movement. You can use them for working out or just commuting to your work. They stay in place without a problem. You get 4 sizes of regular-shape silicone ear tips and 3 sizes of ear wings.
  • One thing that might be bothersome is that they bulge out of the ear canal quite strongly. The earbuds are bigger because the battery is stored inside. You can’t use them for sleeping or with a helmet for very long. Nevertheless, for normal use, they are very comfortable.
  • Additionally, these bass Bluetooth earbuds also have sweat protection rated as IPX4. This means you can easily take them on a run or even to your gym. There only seems to be an issue with the quality of built-in buttons. There are some reports of buttons falling out. Hopefully, Sony figures out how to solve this problem quickly.
  • The sound signature is classic V-shape with a strong emphasis on bass, hence the name “Extra Bass”. Sony made great bass head headphones with their XB90EX and XB50AP models and these are no different.
  • XB50BS Bluetooth earbuds can be classified as “bassy” which means bass overpowers some mids and highs. Generally, the treble (highs) are clear and detailed though can’t compare to high-end audiophile earbuds.
  • All in all, for great wireless features, strong bassy sound, great comfort and fit, all for an affordable price, get Sony XB50BS Extra Bass wireless in-ear headphones.
  • They retail for around 14000 INR.

Sennheiser IE80

  • They are one of the leading audio gear brands and they have come up with their customizable bass earphones.
  • This is incredibly helpful in allowing you to fine-tune the bass response and low-frequency tone signature to your specific needs.
  • Sennheiser even includes a small screwdriver and cleaning tool for the purpose. Bass heads will love this feature, and casual audiophiles will appreciate the option to keep the frequency spectrum more natural sounding.
  • They have many more pros like – Great quality sound, Replaceable cables, 20 dB passive noise isolation as well as a comfortable and versatile design

Betron YSM1000

  • Strong Stereo, Bass Driven Sound. YSM1000 Headphones provides Powerful bass enhanced sound with superb musical detail.
  • These Headphones are ideal for use with iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • In-ear sound isolating design to hear your music without interruption. Metal Earphones with a pleasing design
  • Big brand quality rivalling much more expensive earphones. 24k Gold Plated 3.5mm Jack for optimum Performance
  • They retail for around 5000 INR making it the one of the most budget friendly option in the list.


  • The FX has been around for a couple of years and there have been a few updated models since but none of them can match them for the combination of stylish looks, build quality and deep rumbling bass. 
  • The midrange still manages to remain composed although there is little in the way of top end sparkle but for the price, I am really struggling to think of another budget bass heavy ear bud that can come close to matching them. 
  • At the current price of 3000 INR the JVC HA-FX1X are still a great buy but shop around on Amazon and Ebay and you are likely to see some deals popping up for them this Christmas.
  • For those of you wanting to know more about the FX1X then definitely check out our full review of them and their mellower brother the FX 101.


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