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We are all busy all the time. We don’t even have time to spend with our loved ones, but we find time and the time we find is spent in watching movies with them or by playing games. Movies are enjoyed best when they are watched on giant screens, but do we really want to waste our precious time by driving to the theatre and 

etc? I don’t think so. That is where the home theatres of today’s times come in handy. We ca set them up anywhere. At our office, home, anywhere we could possibly want it and it comes with an amazing sound system to give you the feel of a movie theatre at home.  

Modern technology has enabled us to watch our favourite tv shows or movies at the comfort of our homes on DVD players, laptops or PC. With a high-quality home theatre system, you can encounter authentic visuals, awe inspiring bass and stunning clarity of crisp sounds at your home.

Who does not want a perfect home theatre system at the place of their choice? But wanting and getting are not the same. We mostly end up buying the wrong one as there are a number of options available for this at the market. Here, we will give you a list of the five best home theatres in India that you can choose from with the best features. We will also provide you with in-depth knowledge of all that is associated with home theatre systems before purchase.


Sony BDV-N9200W 3D Blu-ray surround sound system is a premium quality home theatre system that supports various formats and files, that lets you experience high-resolution studio-quality sound. The music box machine is strictly enabled with digital music arena mode with its five speakers and a subwoofer with 1200 watts RMS power to elucidate all sound effects in detail. The virtual football mode of this home theatre will make you lose your breath and makes this device more attractive to the buyers.

This 5.1 high-resolution music system is designed with the ability to convert analog sound into digital by controlling the frequency rate. You can play or stream premium quality movies and music in this machine wirelessly via USB, NFC, Bluetooth, Miracast and Wi-Fi. In addition to that, this device is backed by DSEE engine that has the capability to upscale the compressed audio formats like ACC. MP3 and WMA and gives out a natural, clear and loud sound.

Key specifications

  • Power output: 1200W
  • Number channel: 9.1
  • Surround sound system with lighting effect
  • High-resolution audio capability
  • Digital music arena mode
  • Virtual football mode
  • Bluetooth + NFC + USB (multi-format playability) + 3D Blu-ray playback
  • NFC One-touch mirroring and one touch listening
  • Control music with Song Pal Mobile app

Price: Rs. 57,700


If you are looking for a 5.1 surround sound home theatre system with an auto speaker setup. Then this can be the perfect one for your room. This AV receiver music system is configured with high-quality DACs that deliver 4K video at 60 frames per second. The home theatre supports HDR 9high dynamic range videos including Hybrid Log-gamma and Dolby Vision that have all the incredible facilities like smooth tone and rich bright colours, fine quality contrast and more to deliver HD quality, natural and realistic video output.

This home theatre system has a stylish and curvy speaker design which looks good in any interior. Its eco mode operation helps in saving about 20% less power consumption. It delivers powerful surround sound with dynamic bass. This one is also one of the best home theatre systems to own in India.

Key specifications

  • Self-reflective system
  • Inbuilt digital amplifier
  • HD Audio
  • Decoding CINEMA DSP (17 DSP programmes)
  • 4K Ultra HD Pass-through for super high-resolution images and 20% less power consumption
  • YPAO sound optimization for automatic speaker setup
  • 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer
  • Extra bass

Price: Rs. 38,550


This home theatre model from Sony is designed with a “clear audio+” sound setting along with a 2-way satellite speaker. Therefore, if you are planning to watch full HD and 3D pictures in your Blu-ray device and get a first-class audio-visual experience, then this system with Digital music arena can be the perfect solution for you. It has Live football mode option to let you enjoy live matches realistically.

Sony BDV-E4100 home theatre system gives loud audio experience with its two tall speakers and 100W output. The football mode recreates the stadium like effect and experience at home. With connectivity options like NFC, Bluetooth, wi-Fi, you can easily connect this particular home theatre system with your smartphone, laptop, tablet or connect it directly to the internet.

Key specifications

  • Power output: 1000 W
  • Number of channels: 5.1
  • Wireless music streaming with bluetooth
  • One-touch listening to play instant music
  • Audio with oomph
  • One-touch listening with NFC
  • Built-in Wi-fi to easily connect to the internet
  • Football mode to recreate the stadium experience

Price: Rs. 32,700


Philips HTB5580/94 1000W 5.1 CH 3D Blu-ray possesses powerful speakers with double bass pipes for boundless sound. Dolby True HD ad DTS-HD Master Audio Essential deliver the finest and clearest sound from your Blu-ray Discs. It has crystal clear sound technique for super clarity and realistic effect. Audio in allows you to connect and play music directly on your iPod/iPhone/iPad, MP3 player or laptop via a simple connection to your home cinema.

With built-in wi-fi and bluetooth, you can connect TV wirelessly and enjoy movies and music instantly. It has a one-touch NFC (Near Field Communications) technology which allows you to connect your home theatre to any NFC enabled device.

Key specifications

  • Double bass sound
  • Full HD Blu-ray for 3D movie experience
  • Smart TV to enjoy online services and access multimedia on TV
  • Connectivity: built-in Wi-Fi to enjoy your connected media wirelessly, Bluetooth and NFC
  • Dolby True HD and DTS-HD for high fidelity surround sound
  • Unleash your Miracast-certified device content on your TV
  • Wireless rear speakers for fewer wires across your room
  • 1000W RMS power delivers great sound for movies and music
  • Karaoke for endless singing entertainment at home

Price: Rs. 31,990


This particular home theatre system is made of aramid fibre material which is highly resistant to the external stimulus. It is applied to the unit to minimize sound distribution and deliver clear and precise sound. It has features like smartphone remote app, sound privacy, SIMPLINK, mute, a/v sync delay (audio delay), dimmer, sleep, volume on TV, USB direct recording, external HDD playback, TV sound (direct key), dynamic range control and much more.

The home theatre can play video playback formats like MPEG2, MPEG4 AVC, SMPTE VC1, DivX, DivX HD, AVCHD, M4V, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG-1, MP4, MOV, VOB and audio playback formats like LPCM, Dolby digital plus, Dolby true HD, DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-HD master audio, MPEG ½ L2, MP3, WMA.

Key specifications

  • 3D compatibility
  • Connectivity: wired (Ethernet), DLNA (Smart share)
  • LG smart TV: Premium contents, LG apps
  • Interface: Audio Input (optical), HDMI (Out), Radio (FM), Ethernet, USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Disc Playability Support
  • Aramid Fibre Speakers
  • Private Sound Mode
  • External HDD Playback
  • USB Direct Recording

Price: Rs. 31,990

We have come to the end of our list of the best home theatres of 2019. Hope that your search for the best home theatre system ends here and your home becomes the best home theatre for you


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