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It is always about great music and the impact it leaves behind which is achieved by some exceptional quality speakers. Owning the speaker that satiates your ears and fills in your space is one lucky feet. Wireless speakers are the new name among everyone due to them being compact, portable and serving every other purpose like their wired counterparts in attractive designs as well as price. When it comes to investing on them many a times there are problems identifying which is the best one in your budget? To be honest in a particular price range a lot of options are available for Bluetooth speakers and this can become a stressful affair to identify the one suitable for you. If you are in a budget, you have come to the best place to find the best in the market within 2000 INR only. 


JBL Go is the best name in the market for being budget friendly and delivering everything as promised by the brand. They deliver a crisp, clear and detailed sound and have an in-built microphone for phone calls. It only weighs 158 grams and can fit into a hand. It is incredibly compact and portable.  It is always believed the larger the speakers the more powerful they are by filling in the room with their rich dynamic clear sound but JBL Go has proved this completely wrong by introducing completely powerful speakers, delivering rich bass at the size of a palm. Most reviewers often are partial towards this product because of all the features it comes with.

  • Battery Life- 5-6 hours
  • MRP- 2699 INR 
  • Selling Price- 1600-1800 INR (Online)
  • Microphone- Yes
  • Weight- 158 grams
  • Voice Assistant Integration- Yes

Boat stone 200 portable Bluetooth Speakers

It is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a durable matte finish which makes it shock proof and thus can be readily used in outdoors. This packaging makes it dust and water proof. It boasts a well balanced crystal clear sound and robust bass. Boat is a lifestyle brand and has made its name in the wireless speakers audience by delivering a very handy and powerful speaker that comes with a very attractive price.

  • Battery Life- 8-10 hours
  • MRP- 2990 INR 
  • Selling Price- 1300 INR (Online)
  • Microphone- Yes
  • Weight-322 grams
  • IPx6 Water Proof 

Philips BTA50A/00  Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Philips is a brand that is trusted by many and this speaker delivers what it promises. Has advanced audio performance with a compact design and anti-clipping function for loud and distortion free music and Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth.

  • Battery Life- 5-6 hours
  • MRP- 1999 INR 
  • Selling Price- 1399 INR (Online)
  • Microphone- No
  • Weight- 90.7 grams


Logitech X50 is compact yet truly powerful. This device is one of the best in the market in terms of quality and connectivity. It is always review favored and comes in attractive colour options as well. The most unique thing to fancy about this speaker is that it doesn’t look like a speaker at all, a small circular three dimensional disc like a cup holder is more close to be precise. This device supports both Bluetooth as well as AUX cord connectivity. This speaker is a taste among EDM fans.

  • Battery Life- 5hours
  • MRP- 2495 INR 
  • Selling Price- 1385 INR (Online)
  • Microphone- No
  • Weight- 141 grams


This is the powerful and small device that many users prefer because of the specs that come along an attractive price tage. This speaker is extremely small but supports crisp and clear sound quality over long run. This speaker is water resistant and connects via Bluetooth 2.1. This comes in with a built in SD card slot so it is not always required to connect any device with these speakers. This is a new and good device which delivers rich, crisp and clear sound over a long playtime.

  • Battery Life- 5hours
  • MRP-  600 INR
  • Microphone- No
  • Weight- 259 grams
  1. Boat stone 650 wireless speaker

Go wireless with Bluetooth v42 – carry the scene with the utmost of ease, because the boAt stone 650 is loud and absolutely adaptive to any environment it is brought into.  Has completely dynamic HD sound amplified by the smooth grooving subwoofer stroll in the forest of nirvana. This device connects with any Bluetooth available device as well has support for AUX and SD card. The best thing about these speakers is the 1800mAh battery which provides more than 7 hours of backup.

  • Battery Life- 7 hours
  • MRP- 4990 INR 
  • Selling Price- 1590 INR (Online)
  • Weight- 144 grams
  • IPX5 water and dust resistant
  • Sony XBO1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of the budget friendly options by Sony that delivers phenomenal service. It is extremely handy and designed really cute. Sony promises it to be shower ready as well. Even if it comes with a less price tag it doesn’t feel cheap with the experience it delivers. It comes in with a built in microphone and a strap for hanging it in backpacks. 

  •  Battery Life- 6-7 hours
  • MRP- 2990 INR 
  • Selling Price- 1299 INR (Online)
  • Microphone- Yes
  • Weight-154 grams
  • IPx5 Water Proof 

Choosing a wireless speaker can become quite difficult if one doesn’t have their priorities straight. Anyone buying any electronic gadget must first decide on their budget and then write down a list of things they expect their choice to deliver. After that it is advised to collect all the available products in the budget with good ratings and eliminate on the basis of the list created. In this way it is quite easy to arrive at a conclusion. For example if the budget of both people is under 2000  INR they may or may not like the same speaker, for one battery life is more important than the bass delivery and the reverse for the other


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