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The Ravtek X10 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones come in with the Active Noise Cancellation technology which is the USP of the product. It helps you focus on the best and ignore the rest. Ravtek is a new name to the music industry and is nowadays seen making great leaps in inculcating latest trends to the users for an experience that is worth mentioning. When a headphone comes into the market it has a lot to prove as there are so many competitors out there with so many features being cost effective and customer centric. These Ravtek headphones are new and here to prove. What makes these stand out is the unique blend of perfection in technology and ease of use. Let us look at the Ravtek x10 in details to get to know how these headphones fare against the expectations

Ravtek x10 honest rating


  • Active Noise Cancellation technology works really good.
  • Great battery life
  • Premium Build design for long hours of listening


  • Heavy bass can sometimes overlap the finer details
  • Not waterproof .and sweat resistant


The Ravtek x10 box set comes along with the headphones and a carry case. Now it is convenient to carry around these headphones wherever you go. The packaging is sturdy and can be taken along in suitcases and bags easily. It gives good protection to the headphones. There is a charging cable and a charger included in the box. The instruction guide is also provided to get you on board with how to use the various features and the buttons of this device.


  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0 aptx,
  • Built in Microphone
  • Frequency 20hz-20khz


One of the most sought after features is battery life in a wireless device. Wireless connectivity gives you the freedom to move around and groove to the music with the constraint of battery life. The Ravtek x10 headphones have an insane battery life given 50 hours non-stop music experience in the non- ANC mode. This is all available in just 2-3 hours of quick charge. In the active noise cancellation mode the same headphones give 30 hours of uninterrupted music experience. The time period is more than enough to convince users to get hold of these headphones.


The Ravtek x10 headphones come in with Active Noise Cancellation technology, these headphones completely block out external noise. The cabin noise during flights is completely blocked out, you can sit and enjoy your book or listen to your favorite music using these headphones. Focus on your work while sitting in a busy cafeteria by this technology. You can get your work done with complete focus.


The most important thing apart from battery life when checking out a headphone would be its sound quality. The sound quality is commendable, it has a powerful bass and crystal clear sound quality. The bluetooth doesn’t cause any lag or distortion in the sound quality. There is a good high end microphone that lets you handle calls in handsfree mode. The call quality is high definition, no lag and is uninterrupted even during relative motion. Using the headphones over a variety of song types it has fared well in almost all. The bass and beats are heard effortlessly well, it is commendable. There can be a little bit of overshadowing of lows or finer tunes but it comes in at a very less range.


Ravtek x10 is the new in the world of bringing music to you in the best possible way. This comes in with an innovative Noise Cancellation technology. Get into focus the right way with Ravtek x10 headphones that completely eliminates every other external noise around you. Fly around the world with no cabin noise, get through the daily traffic or even focus in your office. There is low latency, high frequency and high fault tolerance which all contribute to the best audio experience.. The fine tunes and bass give the best experience to the ears. The highs and lows are well laid out, the bluetooth connectivity doesn’t affect the sound quality. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity ensures the perfect music experience that is unaffected by relative motion. Perfect choice for a playlist consisting of rock, alternative, r&b and much more. The sound doesn’t lag while attending phone calls. The battery life is commendable- 50 hours of uninterrupted music in the non ANC mode and 30 hours in the ANC mode.


Overall these headphones define comfort, style and trend. The entire experience is quite good given the specs from the ANC technology to a commendable battery life. The headphones are lightweight and extremely comfortable on the ears. They are pretty much impressive in the premium headphone market segment. After testing them for long hours I wouldn’t give a second thought about buying them. Just try them and I am sure you would love these headphones. These headphones are a really good experience for music lovers.


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